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Do you have a Concealed Carry Permit? Good for you, as you have taken the first step towards responsible handgun ownership. Knowing the laws of your state are important should you ever have to use a handgun to protect yourself or your loved ones. Even if you don’t ever plan to carry a handgun you should be trained on how to use it correctly and safely if the situation ever arises. Our Personal Protection Handgun Classes will train you,with your handgun, how they function, how to load and unload, and how to safely practice in the comfort of your own home. (99% of our students say that they should have taken this class sooner and would recommend it).

           GROVE GUNS – Owner and senior instructor Greg Grove: NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer; MN Permit to Carry Instructor; Double Distinguished Graduate in Defensive Handgun from Frontsight Firearms Training Institute, Las Vegas, NV Instructor: Allan “AJ” Johnson: NRA Certified Range Officer, MN Permit to Carry Instructor; Double Distinguished Graduate in Defensive Handgun from Frontsight Firearms Training Institute, Las Vegas, NV Instructor: Kevin Rezac: Certified NRA Range Safety Officer, MN Permit to Carry Instructor Dan Rognlie: NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

If you are a new shooter and wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a class yet, we at Grove Guns offer individual training to help you feel more comfortable with your firearm. We will give you hands on training that will cover how your handgun functions, handgun safety, proper grip, proper stance and correct sight picture, all in a low pressure atmosphere designed to help you relax and enjoy learning. Cost: $35.00/hr plus $20.00 range fee. Call or text 701-371-2002 to make an appointment.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class: $85.00 Includes 1 hour of classroom study in the laws of Minnesota pertaining to concealed carry, and 4 hours of on range handgun training. There is an additional $20.00 range fee payable to RRRMC the day of the class. (You do not have to be a MN resident to obtain this permit)

Upcoming Minnesota Permit to Carry Classes 2023 – Friday March 3rd – 6:00pm to 10:00pm – (This class runs in conjunction with Part I of the PPH Class as they are the same class).

Click to Register: https://form.jotform.com/222867410896062

PPH – PERSONAL PROTECTION HANDGUN: An 8 hour class broken into two – 4 hour classes covering: how your handgun functions, proper grip, proper stance, loading and unloading, malfunction clearing, proper drawing techniques, sight picture, point shooting, the difference between cover and concealment and how to shoot from both. This class is held entirely on the range with dry and live fire practice throughout the class. COST: $150.00(includes range fees).

Upcoming Personal Protection Handgun Classes 2023 – Part I -Friday March 3rd – 6:00pm to 10:00pm – Part II -Friday March 17th – 6:00pm to 10:00pm – RRRMC – 640 16th St NE, West Fargo, ND

Click to Register: https://form.jotform.com/230165130327040


  • Mid-size to full size Handgun: .380, 9mm, .40, 10mm, .357Mag, .357Sig, 45 – Revolver, 1911 and striker fired. No single action revolvers or pocket pistols.
  • Kydex or a rigid leather OWB holster manufactured to fit your handgun: Must cover the trigger and be worn at belt level. No thigh rigs, cross draw, underarm, behind the back holsters, or holsters with retaining devices are allowed, unless the retaining device can be somehow disabled. ISW holsters are allowed, but not recommended.
  • A minimum of three magazines with at least a double “on the belt” magazine pouch. (If you have large capacity magazines, 16 round or more, 2 magazines will be allowed).
  • Heavy Belt
  • Electronic hearing protection(to hear range commands)
  • Safety glasses or regular glasses with side shields. (Side shields will be available in the class for $5.00).
  • Hat with a brim. (If you forget to bring a hat we will have some hats available, but probably not a hat you would choose to wear in public).
  • Comfortable shoes
  • 150 rounds of ammunition. (If you don’t have all of the equipment required, please let us know. We do have gear to rent).

FFL Transfers

All firearm transfers for ND residents is a fee of $30.00. (Prices are per firearm transferred). Call or text: 701-371-2002

A Level I Class

We also do rifle scope mounting and rifle sight-ins

Call: 701-371-2002 email: ggrove@reagan.com